The first sex with your new partner


If you are a young man, your sexual hunger is natural, but girls are sometimes shy or they make you sure they want a longer relationship. Play a good porn video just ‘accidently’ on your mobile and show it to your potential sexpartner. Make it clear that you like her busts and round bottom much better than the porn star has in the video. Tell her that those kink outfits would suit her and you could enjoy sex so much in that way. Of course, she is not wearing such sexy kinks, but she is also ready to make love with you. You can be sure that she has put on her sexiest lace bra and tanga, which are either red or black. If you are lucky, she has put on some sexy stockings too. She wants you but remember the first sexual intercourse is determining, so be fine and slow, but masculine. If she is juicy enough, ask her to act like the pornstar in the amateur sex video. You will both enjoy that.

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